At Just-4-Kids Therapy Services we believe all children are capable of tremendous growth regardless of their present limitations. Our mission is to help our children reach their full developmental potential while increasing quality of life. Family support and education are integral parts of our practice and parents are encouraged to participate in therapy sessions.

Just-4-Kids Therapy has been providing quality, family oriented therapy for over 15 years. Owned and operated by a pediatric occupational therapist, Just-4-Kids Therapy offers both occupational and speech therapy in a safe, fun and engaging environment.

Our therapists’ specialize in pediatric therapy and have the ability to engage a child to “actively” participate which is an integral part of a successful therapy session. When therapy is made to look like play, children become involved by “doing” and therefore make more and lasting gains. At Just-4-Kids Therapy we stress “positive” thinking in an "I can do it" atmosphere and our children LOVE to participate!

To find out if your child’s skills are age appropriate please review our Education page for more information about developmental milestones.

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